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Review: Higher Than Me: The Story of Voices of Glory

Higher Than Me: The Story of Voices of Glory
Higher Than Me: The Story of Voices of Glory by Claudia Stewart Farrell

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Higher Than Me: The Story of Voices of Glory takes you on the journey of the Cole Family: Mike, Felicia and their three children: Mikey, Avery, and Nadia. The Coles have a strong faith based foundation as Mike and Felicia has grown up with many trials and tribulations. As you read through the pages of this emotional roller coaster, you can feel the love that the family has for one another. Little did they know, a trip that Felicia embarks on will change their lives forever and test their faith in a way no one should have to go through. It is amazing how faith and singing praises can change a person’s outlook in life which is exactly what the Cole children’s voices have done for their mom and others.

I applaud Mike for being the stuff a good man is made of. He went to bat for his family and refuse to falter even when no one was in his corner but him and God. The decisions he had to make as a husband and father tested his faith but through it all, he stay prayed up and knew God would see his family through its current hardship. This book was such an inspirational read of how the Voices of Glory singing group came into being. These children went from singing beside their mother’s bedside while she laid in a coma to national recognition on America’s Got Talent.

I experienced a range of emotions as I read this book from sadness to feelings of triumphant for the family. As a society, we always try to place timelines on things we have no control of. It is not man’s time but God’s time. He has the final decision on all matters. You do not have to be religious to become engulfed in this book. You will be captivated just reading the words of perseverance, faith, hope and love as told to the author.

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