Monday, April 11, 2016

Storytellers Book Tour: Walking On Thin Ice by Re'Gena Bell Roberts

Walking On Thin Ice 

Re'Gena Bell-Roberts was featured on the Steve Harvey Show as one of the Harvey's Heroes!
Walking on Thin Ice, a memoir of love, hate, envy, and greed traces a young woman's pursuit of stardom down a dangerous road that leads to shattered dreams and a harrowing fate.
Re'Gena Bell-Roberts found herself staring down the barrel of a revolver, and a wave of disbelief rippled through her. An explosion blasted her into a nightmare. The room swirled slowly. Click--click. The sound reverberated each time as the shooter pulled the trigger. She realized this woman was trying to kill her! 
In Walking on Thin Ice, Re'Gena Bell-Roberts shares her riveting story against the backdrop of a childhood sexual molestation. She is one, among a few young girls from the small town of Pasco, Washington, who harbored dreams of fame, fortune, and a craving for the love of a powerful man.
After high school graduation, Re'Gena's life transforms. Despite myriad warnings, she falls for the charming Max Clayton, a thirty-three year old streetwise hustler who entices her into a dark underworld of illicit sex and drugs.
When Max betrays her, their life takes a fateful turn. The gripping saga explodes in the Mount Baker area of Seattle, Washington; and depicts Re'Gena's struggle to deal with a tragic life-changing event that threatens her very existence. But she fights back with unshakable strength, courage, and a will to survive. 

Re'Gena Bell-Roberts is an actress, poet, award-winning playwright and author whose published work includes a collection of prose and poetry. She earned a bachelor's degree in history from the University of California at Los Angeles and raised her four children as a single parent while continuing to pursue a career. 

Re'Gena won the Rockefeller Foundation award for her play "Eclipse"; and a Prose award from Culver City Community College. She produced and directed an NAACP Martin Luther King Day celebration event; and received numerous awards for her community service. She was featured on the Steve Harvey Show and honored as one of "Steve Harvey's Hero."  Re'Gena resides in Murrieta, California. 

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Storytellers Book Tour: Black Cotton by Rasta Asaru Escott EL

Black Cotton by Rasta Asaru Escott EL

Black Cotton by Rasta Asaru Escott EL
Read the author interview;

BLACK COTTON is a large photography art book that celebrates the beauty of African American Women, the Afro hair style and the diversity of African Decent individuals. We do this through fashion, hair, makeup, digital media and photography.

BLACK COTTON brilliantly marries these strengths and presents a new definition of the African Woman while telling the photographic journey of the African presence in other cultures.

"Have you ever wondered what it is about the Afro hairstyle that makes people stop, look, and stare?

To some, It may remind them of a time period, to others it may be simple admiration, a reminder of their inhibitions, or the proof within self that they can be free to rock the most powerful hairstyle that represents the FREEDOM of self expression.

Beyond the stylistic glamour of the Afro, the hairstyle is full of history; from styling combs, spiritual association, the unforgettable Black Pride era, to the African presence in Asian culture."

BLACK COTTON re-identifies the pride and dignity of our African American women here and abroad. We are sure you will feel the same.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Review: A Thin Line by DL White

Rating: 4 STARS

Who holds a grudge for almost two decades?  Preston Reid  and Angie Campbell does. Though they can't stand to be in the same room together,  their best friends come up with the perfect plan to make them work together or is it?

Although the story has a great storyline and we as women tend to hold onto a grudge a lot longer than necessary,  I wanted to shake some sense into Angie as the grudge storyline was becoming redundant. I enjoyed the flashback to Preston and Angi’s childhood, how they fell in love and how they got to the point where they are now.  Lots of times we are hurt by the ones we love so therefore we refuse to let go of the anger and forgive them. The pain that we experience is often times not worth it  as readers will see.

A Thin Line by DL White has a good plot and great character development.  The characters outlined in the story are very realistic because at one time or another almost every one of us has experienced heartache and anger by someone we love. Once Preston and Angie came together to plan the wedding of their best friends, were they finally able to reconcile and forgive each other? Was Angie finally able to listen to Preston’s side of the story? You have to check out this book to find out.