Thursday, December 25, 2014

Review: My Husband and My Soulmate

My Husband and My Soulmate
My Husband and My Soulmate by Michelle Johnson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My Husband and My Soulmate was a whirlwind, unrealistic novel of a couple who wanted the best of both worlds. The story did not flow well as while Danielle is pregnant with her husband, Percival’s child, she does some unthinkable things with a stranger, Daniel, with whom she had just met. Although her husband was a jerk, it would have been nice to see the story flowed and developed with Daniel.

As in most cases of infidelity, this story makes you think and brings the issue of the “down low” brother to the forefront. Too many men are living double lives and putting everyone at risk rather than being up front with their partner. Also, “all that glitters is not gold” so be careful.

Although the flow was off, I would still like to read part 2 to see how it all ends and give the author a second chance.

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