Friday, April 8, 2016

Storytellers Book Tour: Black Cotton by Rasta Asaru Escott EL

Black Cotton by Rasta Asaru Escott EL

Black Cotton by Rasta Asaru Escott EL
Read the author interview;

BLACK COTTON is a large photography art book that celebrates the beauty of African American Women, the Afro hair style and the diversity of African Decent individuals. We do this through fashion, hair, makeup, digital media and photography.

BLACK COTTON brilliantly marries these strengths and presents a new definition of the African Woman while telling the photographic journey of the African presence in other cultures.

"Have you ever wondered what it is about the Afro hairstyle that makes people stop, look, and stare?

To some, It may remind them of a time period, to others it may be simple admiration, a reminder of their inhibitions, or the proof within self that they can be free to rock the most powerful hairstyle that represents the FREEDOM of self expression.

Beyond the stylistic glamour of the Afro, the hairstyle is full of history; from styling combs, spiritual association, the unforgettable Black Pride era, to the African presence in Asian culture."

BLACK COTTON re-identifies the pride and dignity of our African American women here and abroad. We are sure you will feel the same.

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