Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: Secret Places Revealed

Secret Places Revealed Secret Places Revealed by Paulette Harper
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Simone Herron is a woman who still mourns the death of her fiance years later. As with any woman in mourning, it is hard to love again as you hold onto dear life of the memories of that loved one. Deciding she needs a change, she moves across the country in hopes of rebuilding her life and finally moving forward. In moving forward, she meets Aaron Blackman. A man with a guarded heart. What do you get when you have two people with guarded emotions? A whirlwind of mixed feelings and a strong need for spiritual guidance.

Secret Places Revealed is an inspirational romance. It builds upon the fact that prayer can help you tear down the walls that you couldn't even break without God in your life. Love is stronger than any addiction but at what costs? Will Aaron and Simone be able to help each other move forward or will they walk away from each other?

As you read this romance, you will feel a connection with these characters. You will gain some knowledge yourself as Scriptures are quoted and then they are applied to Aaron and Simone's situation.

This is definitely a page turner and you will not be disappointed.

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