Monday, May 1, 2017

Chatting it up with Author Deep

We would like to thank Author Deep for stopping by for her 10/10 Interview. Don't forget to download her new book on May 5th and leave a review.

Can you please tell us who is Author Deep?
Deep is the freest part of me. I write what I want-- about what I want-- and you’ll likely end up touching yourself when you’re through reading it. Deep writes erotica—not love—though you may fall in love with the pleasure you are continuously served in each story. What was your inspiration behind "Naughty Girl?" I wanted to write about what it was like being an intelligent and driven young woman who also happens to have a high sex drive. In addition, I know many women that wished they had been as bold as Kya Garner. She represents their fantasy life where they are sexually confident and free. Why do you think people read erotica and What do you think erotic fiction does for them?
Erotica like any fiction, gives the reader a chance to escape the world they currently live in. Erotica makes people feel with evoking sensual and sexual thoughts about what has been, what is, or what has yet to happen. It opens up the mind to the possibility…even in reliving a moment.
How much does your own sexuality come into play when you are writing a book?
Completely. My sexuality starts with my brain. If I can imagine it, or I can remember it, I can write it. Not everything I’ve written I’ve experienced in my erotica but I’ve experienced the openness and intimacy needed to share the characters’ experiences.

Do you have a philosophy by which you live?
Live and let live is probably the closest philosophy especially as it pertains to this genre of writing. I don’t judge my characters for their choices and I don’t judge the reader for enjoying it either.
What type of legacy would you like to leave for your readers? I’d love for Deep to leave some imprint; one that says my words delivered the ultimate pleasure while being read. How important was a "platform" in selling your books? Very important. As a debut author, I’m continually working to build that platform of readers that want what I’m giving. What do you say to those who may criticize you for writing about sexual situations between people who don’t “belong” to each other?
Erotica represents sexuality which includes morality for certain, but it’s not confined to making the “right” choices either. Every day there are people making love i.e. screwing the wrong people. Whether they are not married to each other, or maybe one is abusive, drug addicted, a bad parent, etc. etc. and so on, sex is still happening with those people and erotica doesn’t have to promise to choose only the “good” people to highlight it. It’s free enough to surrender to them all and tell their stories. Can you tell us about your upcoming project(s)? Thanks for asking, Lisa. The sequel to Naughty Girl titled Office Intern is scheduled for release May 5th. And the third and final book of the Kya Chronicles series is already in production. Last week I released a few vignettes stories: Heaven, My Fantasy and Teacher’s Pet. They are short and sexy but deliver a punch to readers that need a quickie for inspiration.

What advice do you have for an aspiring erotica author?
Let your imagination run wild—your characters are not you even if they are by extension…let them be free.

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Upcoming Release


Kya Garner is back and ready to take on Corporate America.

She has a summer internship in which she is determined to become Morgan, Tesson & Associates’ brightest star but if there is a way to mix business with pleasure, Kya will surely find it. Being fully awakened to her sexual power, Kya attempts to figure out exactly what to do about it and with Ray no longer readily accessible, that leaves her with a lot more time to play; in and out of the office.

Office Intern - the second book in this series - explores what happens when a young woman has taken her sexual journey to the next level. 

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