Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: His Betrayal Her Lies

His Betrayal Her Lies
His Betrayal Her Lies by Angel de'Amor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Taylor Briggs comes from a very influential family so when she finds out a week before her wedding that her fiancĂ©e, Ari Gallagher has been harboring a secret all of this time, she is baffled at what she should do. She doesn’t want her family to be part of a scandal so against her best judgment, she goes along with the wedding and decides not to mention to Ari that she knows about his secret.

Armed with her husband’s infidelity, Taylor decided to dive into the arms of one of the city’s most eligible bachelors, Kalon Knight who becomes her rebound love. Kalon broke his rule of “one time and gone” as he develops feelings for Taylor. Meanwhile, Ari is trying to keep his secret safe but little does he know, his world is about to be turned upside down when his mistress goes after his wife.

Maci (the mistress) is crazy times ten and I am not sure if I could have sat back and let her do the things to me that she had done to Taylor. Every woman has a breaking point. Taylor put up with a lot of nonsense from her husband and Maci.

I applaud the author on her debut novel. She told a very realistic story with great character development. Her writing was raw and edgy. This book kept me on the edge of my seat with all of the twists and turns. There was a dose of scandal, infidelity, betrayal and just the right amount of hot sex.

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