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BLOG TOUR: Freshmen Fifteen by Jasmine N.H. Sheffield


Author: Jasmine N.H. Sheffield

Publisher: Our Journey Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Virtual Book Tour: January 6-13th

Hosted By: Diva’s Literary World Virtual Book Tour

ISBN-10:  1481205773

About The Book

Firsts are almost unforgettable... First day of school, first crush, first kiss, first love.  No matter how dreamy or undesirable, you'll always remember your first rumble in the sheets. 

            Laila had plans of making her first time memorable on her high school graduation night, but those plans were thwarted by her jailed boyfriend.  Now she's headed to college, a virgin.  Although her top priority is to do well in school, to thoroughly enjoy the college experience, the horny beast inside of her is begging to be released.  After all, her hand can only bring her so much pleasure.  

            While searching for the right guy to give her virginity to, her natural curiosity leads her to discover the pleasurable, and not so pleasurable, stories of her friends' sexcapades.  Finally, she meets Chris, a sexy, senior, frat boy.  Is he just a playboy or will he be worthy of taking her virginity?


Chapter 1 Excerpt

On my way to Tanyas house, I roll my window down to catch the breeze from the Gulf.  Ill surely miss these beautiful beaches.  

            When I pull up, I see a few people standing outside, talking. I suddenly focus on Josh, Tanyas older brother.   As he leans back on a car, he still towers over most of the men beside him.  Even through the darkness of the night, his bright hazel eyes are inviting. 

            Walking up to the house, suddenly Josh is the only person I see.  His looks are captivating, but after knowing him for a while now, I know that his personality is even better.  Unfortunately, for me, he sees me as a little sister. 

            Congrats, Laila! Im proud of you and Tanya.  Im sure yall will be unstoppable at L.U. Make sure you two look out for each other and dont let any of those older guys get into your head.” 

            Thanks, Josh. You know how we do.  We will always have each others backs. Where is your sister anyway?” 

            He points towards the house.  I go in to hurry her up. I find her in her room packing a bag. “Tanya, you mean to tell me Ms. Plan-it-all didnt already have a bag packed?”

            She gives me a side-eye and pouts her lips. “You know tonight is going to be special. I cant decide what I want to wear.”

            What did you pack?”  She looks up from her bag.  “I hope something sexy.” 

            I packed this sexy, black, lace bra with these cute thongs to match.”  I laugh.  “Not like Travis will care much, hell just be ready to see me naked.”

            She finally throws a few more things into the bag and we head out.  As we walk out of the house, Josh is standing in our path.  He leans in towards me and gives me a hug. I almost melt in his strong arms.  My petite, five foot two inches are lost in his embrace; all six-foot-three, two-hundred pounds of him. 

            Laila, I wanted to give you a hug earlier but you ran off.  I appreciate you looking after my sister.” I smile and keep walking towards the car.  

            I see my brother made sure he gave you a hug. Whats that all about?” Tanya is ignorant of the fact that her brother is the best thing coming out of Fort Walton Beach.

            You know your brother can get it, right? I would leave Travis today if your brother said the word. I love Travis, but your brother definitely has a lot to offer.”

            She interrupts me before I can tell her any more. “Laila, you know you wouldnt leave Travis. Hush. Besides, if you left Travis, we all wouldnt be able to hang out anymore. It would be awkward.”

            Since Tanya and I started dating best friends, it has been like a four-some.  We are always double dating, and I know all of Tanya and Devons business, as Im sure they know all of ours. 

            Youre right.  It would be awkward.  I should get my mind off your brother.  Especially if I plan on giving my cookies to Travis tonight.” I nervously cross my legs at the thought of losing my virginity. 

            As we pull up to the beach, I ask Tanya about her family dinner and tell her about my newfound freedom for the summer.
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About The Author
Jasmine, a loving mother and wife, is a resident of Virginia. She is a graduate of Florida A&M University where she received a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. She went on to receive her M.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois Springfield. Freshmen Fifteen is Jasmines debut novel.  She has also written a self-help book titled Journey after School: A Guide to Starting Your Career and Managing Your Finances.  She has enjoyed the writing process and has other books on the horizon. You can visit her website for more information.
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