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BLOG SPOTLIGHT: Fanita 'Moon' Pendleton

Can you please tell us who is Fanita 'Moon' Pendleton?
I am a woman of many talents and ambitions.  I am an avid reader and storyteller who decided to share part of myself with the world.  I am a parent bent on leading by example. I am a career woman who spent many years in a profession that I love.  I believe in education and positive growth. I am my Sisters Keeper.

What was your inspiration behind The Moscato Diaries?
The inspiration for the Moscato Diaries started over a glass of wine.  I sat back with my pen and pad and wrote dear diary…….and Murder and Snake were born.

What do you wish more people knew about the publishing side of things?
I think most people have a misconception about publishing, independent or not.  If done correctly there is a lot of work and preparation that goes into delivering a quality product. 

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment?
By far my greatest accomplishment has been raising my son.  He is my legacy. 

Do you have a philosophy by which you live?
My philosophy is to believe in myself and never wait for others to believe in me.

What type of legacy would you like to leave for your readers?
Quality over Quantity. 

How important was a "platform" in selling your books?
I signed to SBR Publications in February 2013, without the love and acceptance of the TBRS Family my release of Shoot First Ask Questions Never that was released in April 2013 would not have been as well received as it was.  SBR took a woman who had a lot of drive and an excellent work ethic along with the ability to write quality work and gave her a platform to shine.  No matter what I do in this industry I will never forget that.

Do you have book signings coming up where readers can meet you?
I make it my business to schedule at least two events a month.  The easiest way to find out where I will be is to go to my Facebook Fan Page (Fanita Moon Pendleton)

Can you tell us about your upcoming project(s)?
I have several personal writing projects in the works Fist Full of Tears he Sequel, The Moscato Diaries Sequel, Act Like A Lady Think Like A Boss: Las Vegas. I am also Co-Owner of Blaque Diamond Publications and have several authors releasing that pure fire throughout the summer.  I also am the owner of Urban Moon Productions and have several entities that fall under this company.  I have an author who is releasing his second novel soon, I work with a wonderful group of authors in the Southeast Virginia Authors Showcase and we network with each other and participate in events to increase our exposure as authors.  I am also working on a special project that is sure to increase my satisfaction as an entrepreneur and an author.

What advice do you have to an aspiring author?
For a new author I would say if you are not at a place in your life where you can GRIND on a daily basis to scratch out a place in reader’s hearts and mind then just continue writing and wait until you are ready to put your best foot forward. 

SYNOPSIS: Don’t test my Gangsta! 
Introducing the Moscato Brothers of Louisiana. Family tragedy and struggle are no match for their determination and heart. Follow them as they attempt to take back everything that was taken from them and more. 
Ariel Lablanc is a feisty young lady who is growing into a strong woman. Finding the strength to go against the grain is harder than it seems but she is up for the challenge. After all she is a Lablanc. 
The Moscato Diaries opens a new world to readers and allows them full access to the mean streets of Lafourche Parish and the men and women who call it home. 
Welcome to a world where brotherhood is formed with AK’s and Glocks. 

What's Mine Is Mine
Lafourche Parish, Louisiana
Good dick will make a real bitch pay attention. No need to nickname it, it is what it is. The lone tear that trailed down her cheek as he drove to the central point of her being yet again, was the proof in the pudding. Desiree wasn’t a novice when it came to good dick, she had, had her share. On the other hand, she had never run across a nigga who could literally make her see stars like Snake. As he placed her right leg on his shoulder and went deeper than she thought was possible, Desiree couldn't help but yell out “Ohhhh shit baby, that’s my shit right there!” Her breathing was labored. She was panting like she was in a Lamaze class preparing to bring a baby into the world. The deeper he went, the more her heart declared she was in love.

Desiree closed her eyes as she clamped her pussy jaws on his thickness and gave as good as she got. She visualized that Snake loved her as much as she loved him.
Thinking to herself; “how could he fuck me like this without feeling what I feel? How could he even consider marrying somebody else? This is my dick, he better ask somebody.” With that last thought, she opened her eyes quickly; she was almost frightened of her feelings. What she saw was Snake staring right in her face while he continued to punish the pussy. Desiree couldn't tell from his expression what he was thinking, which both scared and pissed her off.

Snake was unaffected by Desiree or how she felt. She didn't think he knew the deal but he did. He just continued to dig into her tight waterfall with a goal to bust a nut and bounce.
She already knew what this was hitting for, he thought. He continued to stare at her as he dug her back out; her moaning never stopped. Snake felt that familiar tightness in his dick as his body constricted and the explosion he sought blanketed him. “Urgggghh…fuck D, shit girl!” He was sweating heavily and breathing hard as he shook his head, gathering enough breath to say “Girl that pussy is dangerous.” He smiled at Desiree as he rolled away from her body, still trying to regulate himself.

Desiree felt the room spin while she tried to regain some semblance of balance. In every other aspect of her world, she was in control. Yet, with Snake, she was always off kilter. Whenever he called, he could get it; he knew it too, which was tragic. Snake didn't take her seriously; all she was to him was a good fuck. She watched as he began putting on his clothes.
Once again, fuck and run. Snake never stayed the night with her nor allowed her to stay the night with him. He would always say “Overnights are for wifey.” That statement hurt her deeply. She knew he didn't consider her wifey material, and for the life of her, she couldn't understand why. Desiree was 5'8” with what old people called good skin; her body was well-proportioned - 160 lbs. with an ass perfect for grabbing. She made her own money and was a Bawss in her own right. “So why the fuck am I not wifey material?” She thought to herself.
The only answer she could come up with was Ariel. Desiree knew before she started fucking Snake, he was engaged to marry Ariel but she didn't care. She believed that after they spent time together and he sampled her juicy fruit, that a young ass, fat chick wouldn't stand a chance. Boy was she wrong.

Snake was completely dressed and calling her name while snapping his fingers, causing her to regain focus in time to hear him say “I got to bounce, got some business to tend to, I’ma hit you up later.” Desiree watched the words leave his mouth and made up her mind right then.

“That bitch Ariel has got to go, because what's mine is mine.”


Born and raised in Oakland California, Fanita Pendleton relocated to Norfolk Virginia during her senior year in high school, and has called the magnificent city home ever since.  Fanita began her career as a Juvenile Probation Officer and later worked in Adult Probation before taking a short break to pursue her love of teaching as a Criminal Justice Instructor at a local technical college. Recently Fanita stepped back into law enforcement, and is now a Parole Officer.

Fanita blazed on the scene with her Criminal Romance Series: Shoot First Ask Questions Never, Fist Full of Tears and The Moscato Diaries. An avid reader, Fanita holds a special place in her heart for the unsung genre of Urban Crime and Urban Romance Dramas, and in her youth, devoured the works of such greats as Donald Goines, and Iceberg Slim. She is an author with SBR Publications and a card carrying member of The Bank Roll Squad #TBRS Family.  Fanita is Co-Owner of Blaque Diamond Publications and the Owner of Urban Moon Productions where she is now giving young authors their shot at making their dreams come true.  

Fanita received her Masters Degree in Public Administration from Troy University, as well as a Bachelors in Sociology from Langston University, and her Associates in Communications from Luzerne County Community College. She enjoys shooting pool, both for league and leisure, and catching a football, or basketball game with her son, the inspiration of her dreams. 

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