Saturday, May 10, 2014

Review: Wounded

Wounded by Ben Burgess Jr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Wounded” is an emotional and raw novel that takes you on the journey of Samantha Miller, a lesbian stripper and her path of self-destruction. Sam has had a hard life since her childhood. The abuse she has suffered during those impressionable years has made her blinded to love. Sam has no faith in men and throughout the book, you can see her harsh feelings towards them as she delves in and out of relationships with women. She is constantly on the hunt to find her next victim to ‘turn out’. Love is nowhere on the agenda until Sasha comes on the scene as a bartender at the gentleman’s club where Sam dances. Cultivated by Sasha, Sam makes it her mission to conquer Sasha in her bed but Sam is the one who gets caught up. One night changes everything between Sam and Sasha.

This book opens up a discussion regarding many issues in today’s society in regards to rape, LBGT lifestyles, and hate crimes. Sometimes we don’t determine who we love whether it is the opposite or same sex. When we do fall in love, we fall hard. The more we deny the feelings we have for a person, the more it seems to pull us in. We see in this gripping lesbian fiction book that our past shapes who we become in the future and only we can change the way that journey ends.

Ben Burgess Jr, who is also the author of Reader’s Favorite Award book, Monster, does an impeccable job in developing the plot. Readers are left on an emotional rollercoaster as they turn the page of this novel. This story also makes you conscious of the way you treat anyone from the LGBT community. Sam and Sasha’s character was developed so well, you felt every emotion they were experiencing from pain to happiness to heartbreak.

I applaud the author for embarking in this journey from the outside looking in. Great job!

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