Monday, July 15, 2013

"Blood on your hands" - poem by Ben Burgess Jr, author of Monster

My blood is on your hands. I appear darker through the lens of your Ray-bans. Since I'm in your neighborhood wearing a hood, you assume that I'm up to no good. I'm black so you hate me, you chase me, I fight back and you shoot me for "safety". It's just fine and dandy to kill me over candy. I laid there lifeless without a sound, while you claim to have stood your ground. My death won't be in vain. You might get off free for killing me, but you'll experience pain for me being slain. I can't take any more of the bs in Florida. They let off monsters like Anthony and Zimmerman, showing the world that it's ok to kill young men. Remember my face when you go to another place, and they don't treat you right because you're not completely white. Remember my name, if someone follows you and does the same. Remember my blood on your hands and I hope my image comes to you clearer. Remember my blood on your hands when you look in the mirror.

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