Monday, July 29, 2013

Interview with Author Jae Henderson

Can you please tell us a little about yourself.
I am a highly ambitious woman who likes to write stories that inspire people to live a life that is pleasing to God while accomplishing their dreams. I basically want to encourage others to be the best person they can be by living life abundantly. I currently have three books in print entitled, “Someday,” “Someday, Too,” and “Forever and a Day”. I also have a short ebook series entitled “Things Every Good Woman Should Know”. The stories in that series that I have released thus far are “You Are Beautiful,” Take Care of Those You Love,” and “Sex Is More the Just Sex”.

What inspired you to write your first book?
I wanted to encourage Christian singles. Dating is challenging enough but dating while trying to abstain from sex or practice what I refer to as sexual responsibility in this “if it feels good do it age” we live in can be challenging. I have talked to numerous women who are frustrated with the notion that if you are dating someone you are expected to have sex with them and sometimes before they feel they have adequately gotten to know the other person. I wanted to let them know they are not alone and offer encouragement for them to hold true to their beliefs. There is a man out there who truly believes in the art of courting and doesn’t have a problem taking the time to get to know one another before becoming intimate. “Someday” contains prayers and Bible verses that the reader can refer to for strength, inspiration, and encouragement while falling in love with the characters themselves.

What do you wish more people knew about the publishing side of things?
It isn’t easy and if you want your book to be successful you have to market it. Whether you are an independent author or with a traditional publisher if your book is not getting any publicity it will fail to generate revenue. Readers can help. They are actually a writer’s BEST marketing tool. That’s why it’s so important for readers to post reviews, shout out their favorite authors on social media and recommend books to their friends. We appreciate and need their help to let others know we exist.

How did you come up with your titles?
The original title of my first book was “Someday My Prince Will Come” from the song in the Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. However, I realized that the name was too long and too dramatic, so I shortened it to simply “Someday”. “Someday, Too” seemed like a fitting title for the sequel and for the last book in the trilogy I decided to keep the word day in the title and came up with “Forever and a Day”.

What author(s) has influenced your writing style?
I can’t say that any writer has influenced my writing style. My writing was divinely inspired and I just wrote the words the good Lord gave me.
For your first book, how long did it take you to find an agent?
I am an independent book author. So, at this time I don’t have an agent. Although, I am currently looking for one. I would like to give traditional publishing a try.

How important was a "platform" in selling your books?
In order to know who would buy my books I had to know who I was marketing to. Therefore, my platform became extremely important when trying to determine which audiences would be interested in inspirational romance.

Do you have book signings coming up where readers can meet you?
I am always doing book signings in and around my hometown of Memphis but I have two upcoming conferences. My complete schedule can be found online at
Black Writers and Book Clubs Literary Festival
September 20th – 21st
Hilton Hotel
939 Ridge Lake Boulevard
Memphis, Tennessee 38119
For more details, visit

No More Silly Women Conference
I am conducting a workshop called Live Now for single women
Saturday, October 5th
Restoration Worship Centers International
Fayetteville, AR

Can you tell us about your upcoming project(s)?

My next release is a compilation of short stories in the “Things Every Good Woman Should Know” series. It will contain six inspirational stories to nurture the spirit. In the past, I have released the stories one at a time but I thought a better way of marketing them would be as a package deal in an ebook. It will be available exclusively online in September.

I will release my next novel, “Husband Wanted” in 2014.

What advice do you have to an aspiring author?
Study the craft and practice. In order to get good at writing you have to do it often and in order to know how to do it right you must do your research. That can include attending writing workshops, reading how to books, or hiring a writing coach as well as reading the works of others. There is a format to putting together a good story and there are plenty of resources available to help.


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The grand finale of the Someday Trilogy!

Tee and Michael Stokes have realized that life for them will never be normal. As heads of a new entertainment management company and expecting parents, it’s now more important than ever to figure out if their stalker, Rebecca DeFoy, is dead or alive. If she’s alive, will she kill again? If she’s dead, who is impersonating her and why? Whichever the case, they must put an end to the harassment once and for all before she puts an end to them.

Their friends have drama of their own……

Tiffany has traded in her tight clothes and stilettos for big hats and conservative dresses as she tries to prove to one of Memphis’ most promising young pastors that she is worthy of a man in the pulpit. Can she control her feelings for Michael, or will temptation ruin her chances for love and her friendship with Tee? Lenice has entered the world of online dating. Her keystrokes can’t mask the pain of a failed relationship, but they could lead her into the life of an elderly millionaire. Lenora’s weight loss has changed her body and her attitude for the better, but her husband’s job at the Kitty Kat Club may be too much for even the new and improved Lenora to handle.

Join Tee, Michael, and their hilarious friends as they discover that the key to surviving this journey called life is to hold on tight to the hands of the ones you love while you pray for faith to see you through. Forever and a Day will keep you loving, laughing, and on the edge of your seat!
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