Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review of The S.W.A.P. Game by Brian W Smith

Malik Batiste could never imagine the changes that would happen in his family's lives. Malik gets the promotion he has been waiting for and now he can move his wife, Sheila and 12 year old son, Junior, to an upscale neighborhood. Once they  are settled in, the couple meets one of the few black families in their neighborhoods and their neighbors, Darnell and Stacy Muldrue. They start out as  simple couple double dates...dinner, shopping and golf. Little do Malik and Sheila know, the Muldrues are gearing them up for the swinging game of S.W.A.P  (Sex with Another Partner). Malik and Sheila agree to bring exploration into their marriage for ONE time only. But can this type of game only be played once?  How do you go back to being a married couple and neighbors after a passion  filled orgasmic night of back banging sex? Some games are not meant to be  played! One click this novel! You will not be disappointed as Brian Smith  does  it again!


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