Monday, September 9, 2013

Review: Bottom Bitch

Bottom Bitch
Bottom Bitch by Racquel Williams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sierra Rogers is an independent woman who knows what she wants and goes after it including if it is someone else's husband. Growing up in one of Richmond's toughest housing projects, she knows how to handle herself well. She has her share of sugar daddies who keep her pockets lined with money which she finally uses to open her own beauty salon.

One evening after the salon's closing, in walks, Alijah Jackson, one of Richmond's drug kings. Mesmerized by his swagger, Sierra makes it her business to get him in her life and bed. Little does she know, Alijah is feeling the same way although he is married to attorney, Shayna Jackson. He and Shayna are drifting apart and he wants out of the marriage but he knows Shayna is not going down without a fight especially living the lifestyle that Alijah's drug dealing money brings in to the household.

After going through some ups and down with Sierra, Alijah decides to make her his "Bottom Bitch." Armed with revenge and evidence, someone attempts to bring Alijah down by turning him in to the Feds.

Has Alijah's time run out? Which enemy wants his blood? Who can he trust? In the streets, loyalty is hard to come by. You have got to one click to find out.

The author does a good job of character development and the storyline was hot! I did feel at times that the character retelling the story in their point of view led to redundancy and made the story drag on a little longer than it should have. All in all, I applaud Ms. Williams for taking on this type of POV for her debut novel.

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