Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: No Boundaries

No Boundaries
No Boundaries by Allison Hobbs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fonia is a young lady with a low self-esteemed due to watching her mother enter into the world of bondage and submissiveness with her boss. Her mother's master and former boss, Mr. Harrison Lord decides to take Fiona under his wings after her mother becomes disobedient.

Mr. Lord uses Fiona's youth and innocence to get what he wants from her. He doesn't actually take advantage of her sexually in the beginning but let's just say, he uses her in a way that he gets pleasure from. Being that Fiona has always been under the lock and key of Harrison Lord's watchful eye, when the opportunity is opened for her to escape from that life, she runs like hell and vows to do everything she missed out on life. Being oppressed for so long causes Fiona to sleep with any and every thing with a penis between their legs.

Along the way she meets Jaguar who is fresh out of law school. Jaguar is bartending to get himself out of debt. He has had his share of sexual trysts but something in Fiona makes him re-think his position on sex for fun.

Will Fiona break free from the chains of Harrison Lord? Will Fiona and Jaguar live happily ever after? You have to one click to find out as Allison Hobbs takes us on another ride of twists and turns with a dosage of hot sex in between.

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