Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review: Champagne Life: A Novel

Champagne Life: A Novel
Champagne Life: A Novel by Nicole Bradshaw

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nicole Bradshaw pens a story of marriage and the struggles that a marriage go through when financial problems creep in.

Naomi and DeShaun are a couple who married in their early twenties. Although they weren't living the "good" life, they had each other and steady employment.

Their life spirals out of control when Naomi loses her job at the bank and DeShaun gets fired as a restaurant server. As the stress of overdue and shut off notices piled up, Deshaun does what he has to do to keep his family afloat.

Naomi becomes angry at DeShaun for the decisions he has made, although she urged him too in the beginning. All Deshaun sees are dollar bills. Feeling neglected, Naomi makes a bad decision that ends in murder.

This novel makes you see the lengths that one would go through to make money to survive. Ms. Bradshaw's plot has a seamless flow and she does an amazing job of character development. As you read, you get a feel of the emotions of Naomi and DeShaun as they go through their struggles.

I would definitely recommend this book to fellow readers. You will not be disappointed in this story of love, infidelity and murder.

*** A complimentary copy was given in exchange of a honest review ***

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