Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: Love Changes

Love Changes
Love Changes by Eartha Watts-Hicks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In her debut novel, Eartha Watts-Hicks pens a breathtaking novel of love and struggles.

Mia Love is a young mother who has been in a long term relationship with her boyfriend, Spider. In her heart she believes if she does everything and anything for her man, he would eventually put a ring on it. With that being said, Mia struggles to keep a roof over their head, keep the bills paid, take care of Spider and their newborn son. In the midst of all of that, Mia seems to lose herself and what she really wants. Sounds familiar? It is because all of us either know someone in that situation or have been there ourselves.

The only real friend Mia has is Romell, whom she has known since childhood. Romell is everything a woman would want in a man. He is handsome and highly successful but has commitment phobia so he moves from one woman to another in a blink of an eye. He often offers advice to Mia to help her in her relationship issues with Spider.

Throughout this story, you will get a feel for a mutual attraction for two individuals who feel they should not be together. In the end, will love conquer all? Does Mia finally take that walk down the aisle?

I applaud the author on the plot and strong character development. The book started off a little slow but when it did pick up, it took off with a vengeance. There was a nice flow of the book as it brought elements from the 80s in the form of poetry and song. I can not wait to read the sequel.

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