Saturday, June 14, 2014

UPCOMING RELEASE: Pleasure Palace by Obsession (FOR ADULTS ONLY)

****  RELEASE DATE: JUNE 25TH ****


It took Bren no time to find the Cocktale Bar since it was only a few doors down from the sex lounge entrance. A tall topless redhead greeted her at the door, grabbed her by the hand, and led her to a lounge chair with a menu resting in it.
"Hello, my name is Red, and I’m so glad that you’ve chosen the Cocktale Bar as your sexual experience for tonight. Right in this chair is a menu for you to carefully look over. I'll come back in a few minutes to take your order."
"Thank you Red. I shouldn't take long, but before you go, can I ask you a quick question? And you don’t have to answer if you don’t want, but are those real? Your breasts I mean... they are unbelievably perky."
She bent down in front of Bren and dangled her breasts.
"You tell me if they're real or not. Go ahead, give them good feel and tell me what you think."
Bren accepted the invitation and massaged and squeezed Red's breasts like she was molding play-dough.
"Oh yea they're real alright. These are most definitely real… and soft too."
Bren gave the left tit one last squeeze before letting her server go.
"Let's see what's on the Cocktale menu for the night. Hmmm, this one sounds interesting. The Earthquake is caramel, thick and seven inches... nah I most definitely need more than that! NEXT!"
She ran her index finger down the row of options shaking her head. They were either thick and super short on the inches, or long but too thin. What she needed was a beast… someone who was long, thick, and experienced… someone who would make her slip in and out of consciousness.
"The Savior... chocolate, extremely thick... eleven and half inches... the multiple orgasms and squirt king? Hey Red I'm ready!"
"What are you having tonight?"
"I'll be ordering The Savior please and thank you."
"Ma'am I must warn you, many women have left here granted, on their own, but bleeding, limping and hunched over from excruciating pain and well others left in an ambulance. He is freakishly huge in width and length and once he's in there, he has no mercy. The way he has women screaming you'd think they were giving birth, not having sex."
Oh my god is she serious?! Bren pull yourself together, you are grown ass woman! You can handle some dick Chile.
"Um I'm good. He's the one that needs to be worried."
"Okay ma'am if you wish. Mr. Savior will be with you shortly."
Now Bren was nervous. Red had her second guessing her decision in selecting The Savior, and she never in all of her sexual active life, EVER been scared of a penis. Hell she's been fucking since she was twelve years old. After that first taste of the forbidden pole, she never turned back and made it her life lesson to learn how to drive men crazy sexually.
Damn Bren you're sweating and shaking like this will be your first time getting fucked. He's not the only one that has sent their lover off wobbly and achy. You know how to put it down too. Remember that...
"Miss, would you like some red or white wine?"
"Huh? Um, I'll prefer to sip on your name all night, and its Bren, not Miss. Thank you Red."
"Red wine it is. I'll have Mr. Savior bring it with him." She gave Bren a nod and went through an unmarked black door.
She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice him standing in front of her. He studied her as she had her head titled back against the headrest with her eyes tightly closed. He ran his eyes from her forehead all the way down to her designer heels. Petite but thick in the right places… she was beautiful and he wanted her...bad.
"Hello Bren, they call me The Savior."
Bren’s eyes shot open and landed on an amazon of a man. He was well over six feet with a six-pack and flawless skin. His eyes are alluring... a soft brown like puddles of milk chocolate. The dimple in his chin was small, but deep. His chest and arms looked solid and his hands looked soft, but strong. She wasn't sure if she'd made the right decision, but based on how her vagina was beating like a heart against the towel she was wearing, she most certainly had. This man was wickedly handsome.
"Nice to meet you Mr. Savior. May I ask how you acquired your name?"
He handed her a glass of red wine and narrowed his eyes.
"You'll find out soon enough. I must warn you though, to reach the highest peak of pleasure... to make it to the very top of ecstasy, you must experience pain, and a lot of it. The Savior is never gentle.
She swallowed so hard that she heard it.
"And Ms. Bren, I have one little simple rule."
She tossed back the last of her wine and handed the glass back to him.
"Oh yea? What's that?"
"You don't cum until I tell you to. If you do otherwise, there will be consequences. Is that understood?
In one smooth motion Savior scooped her off the chair and into his arms. She gasped and wrapped her arms around his neck. He kissed her on hers then carried her off to a dark room with soft music, a variety of lubricants, and a queen sized bed. Lying her down carefully across the bed, he loomed over her; planting two quick, but hard kisses on her throat before standing up. Her thighs were drenched due to so much urgency that she could feel her pussy jumping in excitement. She glared into his stormy eyes as she was barely able to catch her breath from anticipation.
"You’re staring at me like you haven’t eaten in years. What are you about to do to me?"
He let his silk boxers fall to his ankles revealing eleven and a half inches of rock hard pipe.
"I'm about to fuck you like you’ve never fucked Bren. Now open your mouth nice and wide and your legs... open those even wider."


Chassidy paced back and forth in front of the door that read 'P.P. Orgy Central'. Her palms were sweaty and sweat beads danced on her forehead. She couldn't figure out why she was nervous. It wasn't like she was virgin, but at that very moment she felt like one.
Come on Chass, you can do this. What's the big deal? You were so eager to come here and now you're acting like this will be your first time having sex with strangers. Well it will be the first time having sex with more than one at once, but you've ran through so many dildo's in the past months, so what's the difference? You didn't know them either. Hell you even gave them stripper names so you'd feel less guilty pounding yourself out every single night for the past year. God you're pathetic…
"Are you ever going to go in? You’ve been reaching back and forth for the doorknob for the past five minutes." A strange voice asked.
She turned around to find a tall, butterscotch colored man. He was built like a professional body builder with piercing green eyes.
"How do you know what I've been doing? Have you been watching me?" she asked.
"Yes I have, but how could I not?"
That response put a big dumb ass Kool-Aid smile on her face, which she immediately regretted.
"Was that a compliment?"
"It sure was, so what's it going to be Miss Lady?"
"Are you going inside?"
He nodded yes.
"Well then I'm going inside. Lead the way."
Chassidy did a double take when the gentleman opened the door. Everyone was butt ass naked and there were moans coming from every single corner of the room. Her mouth dropped open in awe when she spotted a woman with her legs spread wide with some sort of device holding her pussy lips open. It looked extremely painful, especially because of how the man with her was jamming a dildo that looked at least nine inches long in and out, but from the woman's cooing, it was more so satisfying.
"What you're looking at is called the pussy spreader. You place the black circle around the pussy and take the clothespins and clamp them onto your lover’s pussy lips. You can penetrate them with anything you want; from a dildo to a vibrator to your fingers… a hand even. It's absolutely up to you. Are you interested in trying it? Oh and by the way, my name Jock."
"Hi Jock, I'm Chassidy, but you can call me Chass, and no, I'm most definitely not interested in that."
"No? Is that more of your speed?" He turned her body so that she'd face a large mat in the back of the room.
She couldn't believe her eyes. The way that his asshole was spread, it was like you could look right inside.
"Now that device is called the doggy style locking spreader. Put that bondage gear on your lover and they’ll be locked up like a prisoner. People in here love to get banged out that way. So how about it?" he asked.
The look on her face said hell no, are you fucking insane, so he kept at it.
"What about that couple over there? He’s using the take me thigh cuff system on his partner. The cuffs are Velcro and go around her wrist and her thighs. It’s amazing for rough sex."
"Um, no, I think I'll pass on all of those. I'm more of a traditional fucker you know? I'm not into all of this new freaky stuff. I have nothing but a simple dildo at home."
        "Well here in The Passion Pit, we experiment and aim to please. Once you're caught up in unbridled ecstasy, all of your sexual fears and restrictions won't exist."
He gently pulled her closer to him and began to slowly loosen her towel.
She jumped at his touch. His fingers sent electricity through her entire body. They were soft, warm and strong.
Girl I know you are not getting wet from this man simply tugging at this towel... shit... I think I better cross my legs...tightly…
As Jock slid his fingers slowly down her belly she crossed her legs and belted out a nervous laugh.
"You seem very nervous Chassidy… no need to be. A few more drinks in you should relax you a bit. We are not here to hurt you; we’re here to please you. Your mouth would not have to utter one word, your body will tell us everything that you want and need from us. The body speaks boldly and loudly Ms. Chassidy, did you know that?"
Fighting to keep her balance and unable to speak, she just nodded her head yes. It was like his touch stole her voice.
"Chassidy you are a very very beautiful and sexy woman. Surely you know that... don't you?"
He softly kissed her forehead and then all around her face before lingering on her lips.
"What's your favorite number Chassidy?"
She had to find her breath to speak. She was so turned on by him that she couldn't breathe.
" favorite number is six. Why?"
He snatched the towel off right where she stood and tossed it to the side.
"Because that's how many of us are going to fuck you tonight."

Over in the Sticky Kitty...

Kara and Elation had kicked off a hot and steamy game of alphabet sex. The object of the game was to use your tongue to spell a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet. The longer the word, the better. Whoever came first, lost. Kara had never performed oral sex in the sixty-nine position. She’d always been afraid she would bite some poor dude's dick off if she came too hard. With Elation it was different. She made it seem like eating pussy was an art to be practiced and mastered. Kara had just finished spelling out chocolate when Elation yelled out the next word.
Elation's tongue pressed firmly against Kara's clit for every line and loop. After spelling the word she gave the clitoris a little suck.
"Aye, that's cheating!"
"No it's not. That was a period. We can't forget punctuation, now can we?"
"Okay, you play dirty. The next word is elusive."
"I thought we were already playing dirty."
She smacked Kara's ass making it wobble along her face. They made it all of the way to the letter Q before clits swelled and moans escaped. Kara sucked Elation nice and hard before shouting out the next word.
They were starting to feel it. Their tongues moved swifter, harder, and driving one another insane while pressing down with each curve of each letter. Kara was bouncing on her lover's face while her lover was thrusting into hers. The heat and the tension had become unbearable; it wasn't long before one of them broke.
"Fuck this shit, I'm about to make you cum all over my face."
Elation plunged two fingers inside of Kara in search of her g-spot. Once located, she wasted no time working her tongue and probing fingers in unison to draw out cries of unrestrained passion.
Kara rode Elation's face like a professional jockey. With every ass smack she'd yell out yes and circle her nipples with her tongue. Elation's aggressive behavior brought out a side in Kara that Jeremy hadn't even seen. She shivered when her pleaser's mouth became a vacuum. She sucked on Kara like she'd been without an ounce of liquid for days, and she was dying to quench her thirst.
"Mmm Elation. You are so good. You are so damn good."
The more she moaned the harder Elation sucked. Her tongue was like an express train to the land of ecstasy that drove Kara to pure unapologetic satisfaction. She screamed and splashed right into Elation's mouth.
"Gotdamn! You are fucking amazing! Whew!"
"Thank you...thank you very much. Come here and taste yourself."
Kara was starting to dig kissing a woman. It was completely different from kissing a man. The lips are softer and sweeter.
"I think I know what I'm going to give my fiancé for his birthday." said Kara.
"And what's that?"
"A threesome. Are you interested?"
"How do you know I'm not a lesbian?" questioned Elation.
"Well if that's the case, you can just fuck me and I'll fuck him." Kara replied.
Elation laughed.
"No, I'm just messing with you. I'm bi-sexual, and if y'all talking good money I'll be there."
"Good, now let me give this pretty kitty a kiss until we meet again."
Elation put her legs above her head.
"Go ahead baby. Do the damn thing."
Kara's inner lesbian wasn't trying to go back into hiding. She wanted to play some more. Kara was freaky, but never this freaky and her new found sexual freedom… she owed it all to Elation. She couldn't wait to see the look on Jeremy's face when she presented him with the idea of being pleased by his future wife and another woman. She really couldn't wait to see the look on Bren's face when she told the whole crew. Kara parted Elation's pussy lips and let her tongue lead the hunt for a final orgasm.


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