Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review: Little White Lies

Little White Lies
Little White Lies by Cole Riley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Melvin is a young man who has everything going for him as he gets ready to graduate high school but one bad decision has changed his life. His dad really wasn't there for him in the sense mentally although physically present in the home and his mother was his mother. His mother had preached to him about getting into the hood mentality. She wanted the best for her son but maybe the pressure was too much for Melvin.

One evening he goes against his own gut feeling and goes out with his brother's friends. One thing leads to another and they ended up throwing Melvin under the bus. We all have heard this story so many times in regards to our black youth getting caught up in the system and no one giving a damn. Melvin knows he is innocent but everything is stacked against him including a forced confession.

Can Melvin get the public defender and his family to believe he is innocent? Will this young man become a statistic? Will the powerful politician who wants Melvin put away for life have his prayers answered?

You have got to read this excellent and very thought provoking book by Cole Riley. His character development and plot is so realistic and makes you sit back and go through a range of emotions.

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