Monday, November 18, 2013

Review: A Uneque Experience

A Uneque Experience
A Uneque Experience by J. Shanee Byers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We all make decisions without knowing all of the facts and then later have regrets. In this debut novel by J. Byers, Uneque Jones is no different. The only man who has ever had her heart was given the boot years ago and Uneque has been struggling to find love ever since. A one night stand might calm the burning between her legs but not the one thing she yearns for... love!

After coming to grips she might have made a rash decision, Uneque surrounds herself with her besties who all have their own relationship issues especially Shelly who encounters the ultimate betrayal. Just went Uneque thinks everything is finally coming together for her, a lunatic enters the picture and threatens her future.

Will Uneque ever find true love? Will Uneque and her three friends be able to conquer all that life is throwing at them? You have to one click and see.

I applaud this author on her debut novel. You can tell the author is a hopeless romantic as is evident in this story. Great plot with a twist that will have your jaws dropping. J. Byers also did a great job on character development with the main characters and friends. I wish there was a little more background on Melissa and how she became who she is.

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